All orders within Australia will receive complimentary shipping via Australian post. You can expect to receive your parcel within 3-10 business days from dispatch. Customer pay extra charge for faster delivery or for using other shipping company.


We don’t provide international delivery.

We use DHL international,EMS, Airmai  for our international shipping. All orders with a delivery address in New Zealand will receive a charge of $20 shipping. All orders with a delivery location outside of New Zealand and Australia will receive a charge of $75 shipping. Please note, this charge is for transport costs only and does not cover import liabilities that may be applied by the government of your destination country. BonaFide does not accept any responsibility for customs delays, duties or taxes that may apply in the destination country.

The follow-up review provides an opportunity for managers and employees to revisit targets, standards and development plans to:

  • ● establish that progress is on track
  • ● identify changes impacting on the achievement of targets and standards set
  • ● discuss improvement plan progress or establish development plan
  • ● modify standards and targets, if required.

Please contact our Customer Care team if you have any questions prior to ordering.


Please do include a company name if you are requesting a delivery to a business address. Please ensure you are delivering to a safe address where your parcel can not be intercepted. If a parcel has been signed and accepted on delivery, BonaFide will not take responsibility if the signee is fraudulent. If you contact Australia Post and request “Safedrop” BonaFide will not be held liable for missing parcels.