We are a disruptor in the leggings world, bringing you only high quality product paired with our unique designs! 

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Our mission is to bring high quality gym wear to all people who like unique designs. Our focus is to deliver quality, durability and comfort throughout our products. Clothing should be an external expression of our inner self, so why should you wear plain and boring colours when you can have BonaFide. 

Own production

The whole cycle of creating models is carried out in-house.

BonaFide does not cooperate with production in China. This is due to both technical features and high requirements for quality and product testing. Qualified professionals, Japanese premium equipment, Italian fabrics and English threads all together form the basis for the production of exclusive things.

Uniqueness of products

BonaFide One has its own unique handwriting – it is a hybrid of all the best that was before and all the best that will happen after. A large number of models and their variations on patterns, colors and prints are available in limited editions. Hurry up to purchase! 


The best Italian fabrics, the strongest English threads, advanced Japanese equipment, as well as skilled people and double quality control of all our products. Is there anything else you need to get perfect sport clothes?